Maintenance Services

Get the most out of your technology investment with EGI’s technical resources.

EGI’s robust, technical resources enable us to deliver expert maintenance services and provide insight that helps to increase the longevity and performance of implementations.

Experience the EGI difference with a dedicated partner that thoroughly understands your environment and industry-specific needs. Whether you don’t have time or resources to do necessary upgrades or changes, EGI can take the burden of IT maintenance off your hands with a vendor-agnostic approach and services that are available on and off hours to solve your challenges, whenever your business requires.

If you are looking to get the best performance out of your technology investment, tap our dedicated and expert resources.

Our Maintenance Services:

  • Upgrades
  • Storage Tuning
  • Virtualization Tuning
  • Network Tuning
  • Migrations


Seamlessly upgrade your software and hardware systems, without disrupting your business functions. Our flexible, vendor-agnostic approach enables you to upgrade from one vendor product to another seamlessly. For virtualization needs, we provide resources to help you upgrade your environment without disturbing workflows.

Storage Tuning

Look deeper into your storage array setup and identify areas to upgrade with EGI’s help. Utilizing our expert knowledge, we evaluate what is going on behind the scenes of storage arrays from multiple vendors, and perform storage tuning to help you obtain the optimal storage performance for your needs.

upgrades and storage tuning
tuning services

Virtualization Tuning

Maximize the performance capabilities of your virtual infrastructure and realize extensive cost savings. We help you identify areas to improve, as well as opportunities for virtualization to create a cohesive and optimal virtual environment that simplifies hardware management and offers the flexibility and control you need.

Network Tuning

EGI enables you to increase the efficiency and performance of your network by ensuring your system is monitored, and that the network interface is optimized to provide speed and reliability in data transfers and reduce delays.


We support your digital transformation with multiple migration services that manage the transition from existing to new systems in order to provide the functionality you need to run your organization and be competitive in your industry.


Gain a personalized resource that understands your environment.

Discuss your specific maintenance challenges with our team, and learn how we will help you overcome them.

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