An all-encompassing solution to manage critical business, IT, and financial workflows, end to end.

EGI’s patented Incompass™ application delivers a significant operational advantage to customers by removing the administrative burden and complexity associated with business, IT, and financial management.

Incompass was developed internally by EGI more than 18 years ago, as a direct response to client request for an online product requisition/quoting and ordering system that could work in real-time. We built this functionality and, in turn, the customer was able to reduce the requisition to approved quote for order from several weeks down to 2 business days.

Since that time, we have tremendously expanded the capabilities of Incompass to accommodate multiple workflows and analytics for the processes of different departments and affiliates across an organization.

Comprehensive Mix and Match Functionality

Today, EGI’s web-based application contains 7 pre-built modules that can be customized to meet our customers’ individual business, IT, and financial needs. You can choose to implement one, several, or all of these modules for simplified, end-to-end management of multiple complex workflows.

incompass diagram

Web-Based Procurement

Access a customized catalog of standard products and buying bundles, updated in real-time, to automate the process of quoting, order approval, and purchasing.

The Incompass web-based procurement portal can be fully integrated and tailored to customer-specific needs and requirements, with customized order approval workflows for departments within the user environment and the ability to tier visibility of portal areas by user. The module also gives you the ability to create customized reports, enabling data transfers to your own asset tracking systems and internal work order systems.

web-based procurement

Asset Management

Seamlessly manage hardware and software assets from acquisition through disposal.

Integrating into the customer’s own Asset Management software, this Incompass module provides the ability to easily tag and categorize assets to custom needs, and provide the asset information you need, when you need it, on everything from analytics reports to order search and lookup, open order reporting, invoiced order reporting, and more.

All reports can be generated at any time from the EGI web-based portal interface with access to a detailed database of orders.

Maintenance Management

Oversee maintenance resources so that your organization does not experience downtime from broken equipment or waste money on inefficient maintenance procedures.

This Incompass module provides a web-based call dispatch and monitoring system for all service requests, which is linked to the EGI sales database to ensure warranty. We also offer dedicated staff to support service requirements as needed.

By providing regular status and compliance reporting both in person and on demand via the Incompass portal, we help your business ensure the highest levels of uptime at a lower cost.

Manage Software Licenses

Track, report, and fulfill all software platforms’ virtual and physical licenses in a customized order fulfillment workflow enabled by this Incompass module.

With the specialized programs within the configurable portal, you are able to take advantage of Enterprise agreement contracts to cut overall costs. EGI can then create Chargeback mechanisms for users to allocate individual licenses within the Enterprise agreements.

This functionality helps you cut down on the number of purchase orders, with the ability to track and report on all licenses within your environment either as the primary tracking tool or as a backup to internal programs.

software license management

Deployment Management

Create a deployment workflow that gives you a business advantage, with deployment that is tailored to accommodate your critical business requirements as well as the demands of your IT environment.

This Incompass module creates a one-to-one mapping of deployments to projects. Through an administrative portal, you can view deployment details, schedule or stop deployments, roll back deployments, batch several projects into a single deployment, and view deployment status.

All projects flow through an administrative queue, providing one view to manually schedule deployments, set up recurring deployments, or approve projects for automatic deployment.

Cloud Management

Support bulk purchasing at better than standard pricing, and track individual unit sales to recapture the initial bulk purchase investment, for overall cost savings and reduced TCO.

With its Incompass Cloud Management module, EGI provides a unique virtual chargeback process which allows for the simultaneous ordering of both standard product and virtual product within one order to enhance and simplify the end user experience.

The module enables full analytics integration for real-time reporting on all active and closed projects, giving you the ability to include the entire cost of IT infrastructure and provisioning in the cost recapture process.

Financial Analytics

Access the custom reporting, analytic statistics, and historical data you need to make sound financial decisions.

Through this module, we capture all pertinent information at the time of order and enable you to generate custom reports at any time through a user-friendly portal that provides access to a detailed database of order history, product purchases, and services. This Incompass module enables you to focus on creating new forecasts, deciding future budgets, and determining what projects have the highest urgency.

financial management analytics

All Easily Integrated

Incompass can support virtually any customer system interface requirement, and can be fully integrated with existing internal Financial and Asset Management systems such as PeopleSoft.

EGI will tailor your Incompass implementation to your specific business demands, based on desired point of system login, need for specialized transaction tracking and workflow, access to real-time customized data analytics, etc.

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