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We are leaders in technology solutions, services, and hands on support across sectors. EGI helps you achieve your digital goals with a value focused partnership that benefits your entire technology lifecycle.

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  • Founded in 1984

  • Certified Woman-Owned Business

  • North American and Global Coverage

  • Proven Longevity

Maintaining a strong ‘digital immune system’ begins with the right kind of partner.

For nearly 40 years, Ergonomic Group has been helping businesses of all sizes and sectors achieve their goals for efficiency and cybersecurity through the power of technology.

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Navigate your industry’s realities. Achieve your organization’s goals.

No sector is beyond the reach of digital transformation. EGI works to guide clients to the best technology solutions that capitalize on unique market opportunities.

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A full suite of comprehensive services and solutions.

True value lies at the intersection of best-in-class technologies and experience-led services. We bring these elements together to deliver transformative solutions across the business lifecycle.

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  • Security Solutions

    Secure your network and data by partnering with our experienced IT experts.

  • Managed Services

    Augment and extend your resources, freeing up valuable time to focus on your core business and competencies.


Simplify workflow management. Maximize flexibility and agility.

Support diverse processes and access powerful analytics with Incompass, a cloud-based tool for cross-functional workflow management—brought to you by Ergonomic Group.

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Technologies evolve.
Partnerships endure.

Position your organization for long-term digital success with an EGI partnership.

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