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With an unmatched depth of technology expertise that spans decades and multiple industries, EGI is well positioned to guide clients to results-focused IT solutions.

EGI’s experts, fluent across all IP platforms and architectures, specialize in applying their technical knowledge to the industry-specific business challenges and opportunities of our diverse customers. Whether you are a large enterprise, mid-sized business or public sector organization, our solutions account for your unique market realities and can cover your full range of computing requirements—from your end users to the Cloud.

In particular, we serve the specialized IT requirements of:

specialized it requirements

financial-services-insurance healthcare government-education media-entertainment life-sciences utilities

  •  FSI & Insurance
  •  Healthcare
  •  Government & Education
  •  Media & Entertainment
  •  Life Sciences
  •  Utilities

Financial Services & Insurance

IT transformation is challenging the financial services and insurance industries to rethink how they remain competitive in a digital era, and realize that driving down costs by optimizing their technology investments is a critical component of ensuring future success.

EGI’s converged and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, as well as our ‘as-a-service’ models, enable our financial services and insurance customers to focus on the applications that generate revenue, and not the underlying infrastructure.

EGI has vast experience integrating complex solutions for some of the largest financial institutions and multinational providers of insurance, annuities, and employee benefit programs. Our end-to-end, best-in-class offerings ensure these customers can stay competitive in a world where IoT has changed how data is applied for forensics, analytics, and risk mitigation. We support their requirements for digital integration and customer relationship management with technology solutions that drive down costs and increase application performance.

With decades of experience supporting the technology needs of these sectors, EGI is well positioned to help financial and insurance organizations simplify IT delivery to drive down costs, improve time to market, and implement strategies to create new revenue streams with technology – exceeding security and compliance standards all along the way.

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In an industry continually pressured to contain costs, healthcare customers require real-time data to help them make timely decisions to optimize budgets, allocate resources, and make efficient acquisition decisions.

EGI has 30 years of experience working with healthcare organizations of all sizes, and a deep understanding of their unique business pressures and industry dynamics. In fact, we have developed a sophisticated a web-based system customized to fit the particular needs of our healthcare clients which includes support for pricing, vendor, inventory, asset, delivery, and implementation management.

Our asset acquisition and management solution reduces the overall cost of acquisition through complete process automation and integration with client systems. We also provide incredibly detailed, real-time analytics reports and management dashboards, and with healthcare data centers becoming a focal point of IT expansion, we help healthcare customers maximize the utility of those resources through specialized Capacity On-Demand and Virtual Charge-Back solutions. EGI also offers expert mobile cart and computer-articulating arm deployments for today’s fast-paced healthcare organizations.

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Discover EGI Health

EGI Health, a specialty practice of Ergonomic Group, helps healthcare customers get the most out of their existing IT investments while proactively identifying strategic opportunities to extend their infrastructure, streamlining the management of massive amounts of health data and supporting new healthcare technology innovations that improve patient care.

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Government & Education

Education is no longer confined to the classroom, and schools, colleges, and universities must now accommodate anywhere learning and instruction. Meanwhile, citizens are demanding that government agencies improve responsiveness, strengthen customer service, and implement new solutions that enhance public value.

To support these rising demands, EGI delivers solutions that provide students, faculty, agencies, and employees secure and easy access to information anytime, and in any classroom or office environment. EGI helps guide educational institutions to the technology solutions that support their students’ academic success in today’s digitally-driven world, and in the public sector, we deliver solutions that improve operational processes and support new ‘smart city’ objectives.

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Supporting Connecticut’s Public Sector

With over 15 years of experience in Connecticut, EGI has proven its commitment to the state’s students, faculty, and government officials. In Connecticut, our solutions help create interactive K-12 classrooms, prepare college students for successful careers, and enable transparent, secure online access to government information.

From security to routing and switching, wireless networking, and end-user computing, EGI’s robust Government & Education solutions leverage technologies from our leading partners, and vehicles that make purchasing efficient while upholding adherence to Connecticut’s regulations and policies.

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Media & Entertainment

Digital transformation is making a major impact on media and entertainment (M&E) organizations. EGI’s solutions help M&E customers deliver rich content to a plethora of devices, leveraging both long-standing and new partnerships to satisfy their top needs around security, content modernization, and data center services.

With the recent breaches in major broadcast networks’ infrastructure, security is a topic that is certainly top of mind for media and entertainment companies today. EGI offers customer access to security solutions that are leading the way in threat intelligence and remediation. We partner with top security solutions manufacturers like Cisco, Tufin, Splunk, and Gigamon to meet our M&E customers’ security objectives in their data centers as well as with mobile and connected devices.

While virtualization is relatively new to the M&E data center, EGI has helped many M&E organizations in their journey from physical deployments to the virtual platforms of their choice. We partner with leading manufacturers including NVIDIA, VMWare, Microsoft, and Ctrix to offer a one-stop-shop for their content workflow modernization and graphic-intensive virtualization needs. In the data center, EGI supports M&E customers’ needs to install, configure, maintain, refresh, move, and/or decommission their infrastructures. In fact, we can design, procure, pre-integrate, and deploy all of the above solutions by leveraging our configuration center in New York.

We understand the emerging challenges M&E organizations face, and offer the robust expertise and technology needed to support new services and applications that will capture more customers and ensure success in this digital era.

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Life Sciences

Technological advancements are changing how life sciences organizations conduct research and development, which is facilitating medical breakthroughs. As data is the lifeblood of life sciences organizations, they need effective ways to store data and ensure that it is protected from security breaches and disasters.

Due to the nature of the work, life sciences organizations require leading edge technological solutions that are fit for their workflows and deliver a compelling ROI. EGI’s extensive partner network supports applications and infrastructure for scientific computing environments to help them innovate for the future and embrace digital transformation. With extensive, multivendor support, we address many facets of the infrastructure and provide solutions that encompass on premise, off premise, and hybrid infrastructure solutions.

Particularly in life sciences, managing billing and usage of cloud services is a tremendous challenge. EGI provides a custom web portal that consolidates multiple cloud providers billing and usage data so that customers can understand usage and spend by department or user. Life sciences organizations can compare the costs for new requirements and applications to make the smartest decision as to which cloud provider to run your applications.

Because we have the highest levels of certification with a vast array of vendors, EGI brings the right solution to solve each client’s specific objectives. EGI has partnered with large global pharmaceutical companies and has the ability to provide scalable and flexible services for all life sciences organizations—from data management, to global procurement, security, and cloud services.

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Advancements in technology are transforming the utilities industry to become more efficient and sustainable. With increased technological capabilities, utility companies must manage troves of data and ensure their data is protected and secured.

Spurred by rising consumer demand, utilities infrastructures must be reliable and always running to provide power and energy that consumers need. EGI’s leading solutions, including security, routers, switches, wireless, servers, storage, and endpoints solve the unique challenges of the utility industry.

Our firsthand experience keeping mission-critical systems operating effectively and efficiently, which spans more than three decades, is an integral part of EGI’s value to utilities. We are committed to ensuring the right information is accessible at the right time, so that they have round-the-clock access to the critical data they need at all times.

EGI provides efficient endpoint solutions that result in an optimized deployment process, combining deployment automation, image management, cloud enablement, and customization of machines. The custom lifecycle of these endpoints can be packaged with flexible short-term or long-term purchasing options to best meet our utility customers’ needs.

EGI is committed to ensuring the right information is accessible at the right time, so that utilities companies have round-the-clock access to the critical data they need at all times. We fuse our unique vertical expertise, leading technology solutions, extensive technical knowledge, and responsive services to solve challenges, lead utility companies through digital transformation, and position them ahead of the competition.

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