Save space & time through flexible Capacity on Demand services.

EGI’s Capacity on Demand service offers customers full capacity whenever they require it, licensing only what’s needed in order to save costs without sacrificing scalability.

Utilize Only What You Need, When You Need It

EGI is uniquely positioned to offer Capacity on Demand via our 55,000 sq. ft. warehouse and Configuration Center to store and configure customer equipment, as well as support managed, unmanaged, and cloud hosted services. Our solutions cater to your evolving needs 100% of the time, so you only pay for the capacity you require at any given time.

Onsite Equipment Storage

After your technology purchase, EGI continues to work with customers to ensure storage and distribution is effective and tailored to their needs. We have the capability to hold your equipment onsite in our warehouse, then set up and deliver it on demand, ready to plug-in.

Flexible Capacity Solutions

Increase your storage capacity to enable your organization to more quickly respond to customer needs with EGI’s flexible and scalable storage solutions.

Hosting Solutions

Our hosting solutions have varied levels of flexibility for both managed and unmanaged services, as well as cloud hosting capabilities that allow you to dynamically scale capacity up and down.

Expand your business’s capacity.

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