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SPOTLIGHT: Large State College


Two distinct IT issues were being faced by this large college. First, due to an inability to adequately restrict access to authorized users, the college network was hacked twice, resulting in major infrastructure damage. The second challenge they faced was the installation of ghost images during the college’s desktop rollout. This was resulting in a process of slow, ineffiecient desktop installations.

EGI Solution:

To provide enhanced network security, EGI’s engineers worked with the customer for two weeks to stop the hacker from further access, and to lock down the network to prevent repeat attacks. EGI worked directly with the university president to reorganize and create active directory organizational units, in order to group users and systems by security needs.

To assist with the desktop rollout, EGI sent another team of engineers to rebuild the required ghost images and install them. The ghost images were consolidated and EGI helped manage the rollout.


The new security policy that EGI helped create now allows only domain administrators and a help desk group to administrate the workstations. In concert with the additional policies implemented, the college has increased security significantly and has not been hacked since.

To streamline the ghost image process, EGI’s customer went from building systems at the user’s desk to utilizing a central build room, and delivering the desktop back to the user’s desk. The IT department raised its desktop rollout productivity by a factor of over 5x, as it went from installing two to four systems a day to sixteen to twenty desktops a day, significantly increasing efficiency and reducing time and labor costs of desktop management.

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