storage solutions

Flexible, efficient & scalable solutions that adapt to changing needs.

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enterprise systems

Expertly designed, sized and integrated systems for performance & productivity.

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security solutions

Comprehensive coverage to ensure corporate & customer data protection.

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mobility solutions

Enabling peak workforce productivity, everywhere that business gets done.

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desktop solutions

Design, deployment, management & maintenance of versatile desktop systems.

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networking solutions

Converged infrastructure solutions for secure, robust & efficient data flow.

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Solutions that span the Desktop to the Datacenter

EGI delivers high performance, cost-effective computing solutions for every level of the organization, leveraging three decades of expertise with the industry’s top technologies and products.

let EGI solve your most pressing
computing needs

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Storage Solutions that drive Performance up & Costs down

Optimize storage efficiency and performance via tiering, consolidation & virtualization. Control costs using intelligent combinations of Flash, disk, and tape. Reduce hardware, cooling, space and power requirements.

let EGI solve your most pressing
storage challenges

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Flexible systems that Efficiently power nonstop Productivity

Support mission-critical applications and processes with extremely scalable, resilient and efficient systems. Incorporate open, modular components & standards for optimal flexibility.

Let EGI solve your most pressing enterprise system issues

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Security solutions that Protect data & Comply with regulations

Defend your organization’s critical systems and data from threats inside and outside the enterprise. Protect operations, customers, investors and employees with dynamic, compliant security processes.

Let EGI secure your enterprise
data and assets

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Solutions for Mobile Productivity & Always-open operations

Ensure secure 24/7 access by employees and partners to your key business resources. Provide mobile workers with powerful and reliable field computing tools & solutions.

Let EGI solve your mobile computing challenges.

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Solutions that Streamline deployment and Simplify management

Achieve the most efficient desktop computing model for your enterprise. Explore virtualization & thin client computing. Automate desktop imaging, security & lifecycle management.

Let EGI solve your most pressing desktop computing challenges.

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Solutions for superior network Performance & computing Efficiency

Drive higher network performance & flexibility and lower TCO with unified, secure & highly available computing. Ensure built-in interoperability & simplify network management.

Let EGI help you achieve your
top network objectives.

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The EGI Difference

EGI believes that your success is the true measure of ours. Learn what sets us apart, and keeps our customers loyal.

Highest Technical Competencies5,000 SF Customer Demo Center 24/7 Streamlined Online ProcurementCustomized On-Demand Delivery

Vblock For Private Clouds

Vblock™ represents the next evolution of IT, by delivering efficiency and business agility of virtualization and cloud computing.

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Converged Infrastructure

Build the unified, shared data center of the future today with modular solutions that eliminate manual processes and technology silos.

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Customer Interaction Center

Explore new technologies with your team as you simulate and test solutions in our private, vendor-neutral environment.

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Financial Services

Meet the challenges of regulatory compliance, identity protection, high-volume trading & transactions and exploding data growth.

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Life Sciences

Stay ahead of the compliance curve and support data-intensive initiatives such as electronic medical records & new drug development.

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Government / Education

Streamline the flow of information to constituents, secure sensitive information and support educational initiatives.

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Business Services

Deliver stellar service to clients as you enhance responsiveness and flexibility & safeguard sensitive third-party data.

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Meet the surging demand for wireless services and bandwidth while dealing with complex regulatory requirements.

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Strengthen your profits with enhanced entertainment, voice, data & multimedia services, and link seamlessly to mobile networks.

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