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Powerful, Efficient & Secure Desktop Computing

Empower your organization with streamlined, reliable desktop computing access, while minimizing the support requirements on your IT team.

Keeping up with the tasks surrounding desktop computing can be a tremendous strain on your IT staff. Complex procurement processes, setup & ongoing management, tracking, license management and service planning are key to desktop management.

EGI has the solutions for cumbersome processes like purchasing, imaging, employee moves, managing upgrades & security and equipment end-of-life management. We provide continuous support and specialized design to let you work worry-free every day, while delivering employees the power and performance they need.

Featured Solutions


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Extend the cost, efficiency & management benefits of virtualization to your desktop environment via an optimized VDI strategy.

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Portable Desktop Solutions

EGI and Lenovo let you take your desktop with you, along with unmatched durability, performance and security.

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Key Solutions Overview

EGI is your single source for the full range of desktop computing solutions and services, incorporating state-of-the-art technologies to support robust and secure infrastructure virtualization, thin client computing and mobile computing. Key solution areas include:

  • Desktop Image Services
  • Mobile Computing Solutions
  • Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure
  • Desktop Requirement Assessments
  • Thin Client Computing
  • Comprehensive Desktop Security Solutions
  • Secure Asset Liquidation & Disposal

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