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Extreme Efficiency Yields Bottom-Line Benefits

In today’s era of extreme competition and lean operating budgets, you need to capitalize on every opportunity to streamline workflows and automate labor-intensive processes.

The tasks surrounding technology procurement and asset management represent a tremendous opportunity for efficiency gains in IT operations management…when addressed with advanced workflow solutions from EGI. Our value-added services reach far beyond IT solution expertise to include solutions for managing the full technology lifecycle. We can help you centralize, automate and streamline IT management tasks like:

  • Managing multiple, disparate asset records & systems
  • Scheduling & monitoring service needs
  • Tracking and reporting on Assets
  • Keeping licensing current and managing records
  • Equipment ordering and approval processes

EGI’s Solution for Streamlined Workflow Management

EGI’s web-based workflow management system streamlines IT procurement, service and asset management through the complete product lifecycle. It features robust functionality and an intuitive interface, enabling the efficient planning of a diverse range of technology infrastructure projects. Our system provides so many advantages that it has been adopted by more than half of our clients.

Our system serves as one convenient “dashboard” to centralize and manage your technology management workflow. Featuring a catalog of more than 500,000 IT products, this online tool can be customized to your business’ unique requirements. It integrates easily with existing 3rd-party procurement systems, making implementation straightforward. Key features include:

  • Standards & Configuration Management with a robust general catalog comprised of more than 500,000 products, and a custom catalog containing only your approved IT products
  • Acquisition Workflow with real-time order management and up-to-the-minute tracking
  • IMAC Services (Install/Move/Add/Change) are fast and efficient
  • Service & Maintenance for asset tracking, maintenance scheduling and easy monitoring of SLA performance metrics and warranty expirations

Your benefit? Unparalleled procurement efficiency, visibility and control over your IT resources – freeing your “human” resources to spend more time on key business objectives.

Call us today for a personalized demonstration of our proprietary tool. You can also view our online demo here.

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