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Superior Services that Support Complete Solutions

EGI stands apart as the Northeast’s premier source for the full range of technology solutions, including a comprehensive suite of supporting services delivered by our team of experts.

Thus, EGI ensures your business can solve virtually all of its challenges with the support of a single vendor who understands your big picture – freeing you to focus on what matters most…your business.

As a truly service-driven partner, our goal is to provide exactly what’s needed to help your business achieve its key objectives – including an unparalleled breadth of customized services, provided by specialists with proven expertise and wholly dedicated to solving your unique issues.

Your Expert Source for Comprehensive Service Offerings

EGI channels its immense experience into every engagement to deliver proven technology solutions customized to your unique requirements. Our services extend well beyond pure IT professional services, to include highly flexible logistics services, financial services to assist with solution acquisition, and workflow management services to help streamline your operations.

With our comprehensive suite of customized services, EGI ensures that you receive the optimal support needed to meet your organization’s challenges, making us much more than just a supplier. We strive to be your true business partner!

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