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EGI Logistics Support Drives Efficiency and Liberates IT Staff

When supporting the technology needs of your organization demands the complete attention and efforts of your IT team, it can be difficult to keep up with the constant stream of IT logistics challenges.

That’s why EGI has increased its breadth of custom services over the years to include logistics support for our customers. By providing the systems, resources and manpower to handle many of your logistics challenges, we can free your IT staff to focus on strategic goals and business-critical operations support. This is one of the many ways we actively demonstrate our commitment to your organization’s success.

Flexible Services Customized to Your Unique Challenges

EGI’s logistics services can be called upon as needed, or ingrained as part of an ongoing business relationship with your organization. Typical services provided include:

  • Developing new product acquisition & deployment processes
  • Data center relocations
  • Reconfiguring datacenter operations
  • Inventory management & product storage
  • Asset monitoring, tracking & service management
  • Solutions for visibility into assets, orders & service histories
  • Equipment staging

EGI’s professional logistics experts can help support your over-extended internal resources, and create new levels of efficiency in your long-term operational processes. Contact us today to learn more about customized services that meet your unique requirements.

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