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EGI and HP Lead the Way to Converged Infrastructure

HP Converged Infrastructure solutions transform IT technology silos into interoperable, shared pools of resources—servers, storage and network connectivity. A common management platform manages and automates operations for all applications and infrastructure components.

EGI is an HP Platinum Partner committed to delivering the ideal Converged Infrastructure to our clients. As one of the leading systems integrators in the Northeast, EGI boasts a 20-year partnership with HP, and is uniquely positioned to provide HP Converged Infrastructure solutions and services across the entire enterprise.

The Ergonomic Group and HP bring it all together to build the data center of the future, today – one that delivers new levels of simplicity, integration, and automation. And our expertise enables us to deliver your Converged Infrastructure the way you want it – on-premise, outsourced,or via the Cloud.


The Ergonomic Group is proud to have achieved the top-level "HP Platinum" status across a wide range of specialty areas. Our Platinum-level HP certifications include:

  • DeskJet Gold Specialist
  • Big Data Protection Partner
  • Big Data eDiscovery & Info Archiving
  • Big Data Enterprise Content Management
  • Big Data Vertica
  • PartnerOne Software Business Partner
  • Platinum Converged Infrastructure Specialist
  • Enterprise Platinum Specialist
  • Diversity Network
  • Personal Systems Group Platinum Partner
  • Personal Systems Group Gold ServiceOne Specialist
  • Personal Systems Group Gold ServiceOne Delivery Specialist
  • Qualified Supplies Partner Program

EGI's engineering team maintains the highest level of technical expertise across all core areas of the infrastructure as well. Our master-level HP certifications include:

  • Master ASE HP Networks
  • Master ASE - HP SAN Architect - Data Availability Solutions
  • Master ASE Converged Infrastructure (CI)

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