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Learn all about cloud computing


Think you know everything about cloud computing?

Basically, cloud computing means that everything -- infrastructure, applications, and business processes -- can be made available to you as a service, over the Internet or your own network.

Clients and others interested in the now widely popular technology can go to Kim Girards' Ergonomic Group in Westbury on Wednesday afternoon. If you're not a client or did not get an invite, you'll need to email the company to get in.

Ergonomic Group, a value-added computer reseller, has been named by Hewlett-Packard as one of HP's 40 "Cloud Centers of Excellence" across the country. It is the only such one in the Northeast.

On Wednesday, from 5:00 to 9 p.m., Ergonomic Group will launch its first event to demonstrate what cloud centers are all about for its clients and others on the Island who want to know about the technology.

Girards, who founded the company in 1984 after working in her family's textile business in Manhattan, has grown the business to 195 employees, some 75 of them on the Island. Sales are over $200 million.

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