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Solutions that Span Virtually Every Industry

The Ergonomic Group has been providing results-based IT solutions to leading businesses across a wide range of industries for decades, with deep experience serving large enterprises, mid-sized businesses and public sector organizations.

With expertise spanning the desktop to the enterprise, EGI solutions cover the full range of computing requirements - from front office to back office to mobile office. We specialize in enabling all types of organizations to seamlessly migrate from their existing computing architectures to systems that leverage the flexibility, efficiency and simplicity of IT virtualization, converged infrastructures and cloud-based computing.

Our regional focus in the Northeast has also enabled us to develop unique expertise and approaches in a number of sectors that have specialized IT requirements and a heavy concentration in our region. These include Financial Services, Life Sciences/Healthcare, Media, Telecom, Business Services and Government & Education. To learn more about our expertise within any of these industries, visit our industry focus pages listed on the left.

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