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solution excellence spanning three decades

EGI has a proven history of delivering superior technology solutions that leverage state of the art technologies to address real customer business requirements with unmatched expertise.

For more than 29 years, The Ergonomic Group (EGI) has been entrenched in the technology sector, working relentlessly with its customers to resolve the business issues facing their organizations. The company was founded on Long Island, NY in 1984 as an IBM reseller. EGI’s founders successfully expanded the operation over the next six years, acquiring new partners like HP, Sun, Cisco, Oracle and Symantec as it built up its comprehensive and diverse set of solution offerings.

Superior Performance Drives Rapid Growth

EGI annual revenues reached $100M by 1994. On the heels of launching an innovative, highly efficient web-based procurement and asset management system.

Ongoing success led to the growth of EGI’s presence and reach in the Northeast, with the opening of the Massachusetts and Connecticut offices in 2000 and 2001 respectively. In 2004, EGI achieved the $200M revenue level, and opened its expanded Configuration & Data Center.

In 2006 EGI expanded its offering of advanced security solutions beyond the realm of IT security, to include the crucial and often-overlooked world of print-based security. Through a strategic partnership with Document Security Systems, a world leader in the development and implementation of anti-counterfeiting optical deterrent technologies, EGI co-developed a sophisticated, anti-counterfeiting security printing and authentication technology that directly addresses the vulnerability of printed materials to fraud, and allows the dynamic delivery of comprehensive protection to legitimate documents and other printed materials.

After completing the establishment of a new regional office in New Jersey, EGI completed a strategic relocation of its headquarters to Westbury, NY for improved access and supply to its broad customer base. The move enabled the opening of a further-expanded configuration and testing center to provide customers with solution evaluation and testing. EGI's new facilities also include greatly expanded secure, on-site warehouse space – enabling a richer inventory and faster order fulfillment and delivery.

EGI is a Diversity Woman Owned Business.

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