Protect your IT environment against the risks that come with doing digital business.

With the increased adoption of new IoT, mobility, and Cloud technologies comes greater exposure to security risks. EGI helps to protect operations, customers, investors, and employees with dynamic security solutions that reach all computing endpoints.

The team that makes up EGI information security practice uses proven processes and products to guide our clients toward the overall improvement of information security planning, implementation, and operation. Instead of simply focusing on point products or standalone technologies, we believe network and information security should be viewed as a continuous process with an underlying set of principles that can adapt to our clients’ evolving requirements.

We realize that security is a before, during, and after concern, and help customers implement proactive strategies to detect, prevent, and rapidly respond to breaches when they do occur. EGI holds partnerships and expertise around products and solutions from security leaders like Cisco and Fortinet. These companies are consistently rated in the top tiers of protection, innovation, and execution of vision. We leverage their best-of-breed solutions to address every layer of defense.

Robust Security Solutions Including:

  • Next Generation Firewalls
  • Intrusion Protection and Prevention
  • Malware Prevention, Protection, and Remediation
  • Anti-Virus, Spam, and Malware Solutions
  • Remote SSL-VPN and IPSec VPN Solutions
  • In-House and Cloud Managed Security
  • Security Assessments
  • Security Solution Design

Perimeter Security

First Layer of Defense

Modern firewalls provide more than port and protocol access to the internet, but that level of control should be a component of all implementations.

EGI helps customers implement solutions for Unified Threat Management based on the risks their business faces and the devices they need to protect.

perimeter security

Client Protection

Second Layer of Defense

With today’s rapidly evolving security threats, antivirus is no longer sufficient to protect your clients.

EGI helps you implement best-in-class tools from our leading partners to protect and block malware at the workstation, ensuring your systems are up to date with the capabilities to detect the latest threats and respond accordingly – and with speed.


Third Layer of Defense

Even the most robust security processes can still be vulnerable to emerging threats.

Every comprehensive enterprise security strategy needs to have a plan for remediation after a compromise, to mitigate losses in time and productivity. EGI delivers solutions that can efficiently identify infected devices in your environment needing remediation, so you can quickly get them back up and running securely.


Prepare for tomorrow’s threats, today.

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