Create the dynamic, converged network your business needs to connect to new value.

The exciting advancements in network technology also create new complexities for businesses. EGI helps you consider all key factors to make the optimal choice, with technology that enhances your overall business practices.

EGI’s networking solutions help our customers keep current on the increasingly complex advancements in networking technology. Our comprehensive network solutions cover the enterprise from end-to-end, including geographically dispersed locations, delivering fast, reliable wired and wireless performance to boost network efficiency and support the growing mobile and IoT density network demands.

Utilizing a mature set of networking practices developed over more than 30 years, we deliver multi-vendor wired and wireless management solutions designed for businesses from Fortune 500 to mid-sized businesses to startups. By proactively monitoring the health and performance of all things connected, EGI gives our customers the insights needed to support today’s digital workplace.

For All Your Networking Needs:

  • Network Assessment, Design, and Deployment
  • Network Testing and Security
  • Routing and Switching
  • Wired and Wireless Networks
  • Converged Networks
  • Optical Networks
  • Software-Defined Networks

Optimized End-to-End

EGI has a full team of networking professionals who are certified experts in network assessment, design, deployment, testing, and security.

We leverage robust design toolsets and proven, customer-centric methodologies to ensure that our solutions meet all financial and technical requirements for network modernization, consolidation, performance management, and security.

assessment to deployment

Routing & Switching

EGI regards routing and switching expertise as an indispensable core competency and the foundation of predictable and dependable enterprise solutions.

Our subject matter experts in these two areas have decades of experience and are continuously improving themselves through customer engagements, formalized trainings, and industry events. We have designed, configured, implemented, optimized, and supported many complex routing and switching solutions on platforms from Cisco, HPe, and Dell.

routing and switching


EGI brings time-tested subject matter expertise, encompassing considerable vertical experience, to ensure complete, secure solution coverage of wireless networks spanning from the client device to the data center.

Our solutions support innovative initiatives like BYOB, enterprise mobility, and IoT integration, and help you optimize strategies for data loss prevention, onboarding and provision, and mobile management and security solutions (EMM, MDM, NAC).

Wide Area Network (WAN) Optimization

EGI’s team combines application, network, and data center expertise to deliver WAN solutions that support application performance optimization across branch office networks and remote workers.



Our domain expertise allows us to converge networks seamlessly, adding value and capability that the customer realizes from day one.

We deliver flexible, cost-effective solutions that simplify network management with voice, video, and data network consolidation that support unified communications and greater workplace productivity and collaboration.


EGI provides comprehensive services to design, deploy, test, and maintain high-bandwidth optical networks.

We optimize these networks to effectively support the large volumes of data that must be transmitted in today’s digital environments. We take a measured approach to optical networking for campus networks; metro, long haul and multi-service networks; and video delivery services.


Through SDN networks, EGI helps organizations accelerate application deployment and delivery, dramatically reducing IT costs through policy-enabled workflow automation.

SDN technology enables cloud architectures by providing automated, on-demand application delivery and mobility at scale. We design and deploy these networks to enhance the benefits of data center virtualization, helping you increase resource flexibility and utilization and reduce infrastructure costs and overhead.

software defined

Securely connect anyone, anywhere, with a network as dynamic as your business.

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