End-User Computing

Provide and seamlessly manage powerful, reliable, secure computing access, anywhere.

From the desktop to the laptop to mobile devices, employees demand more flexibility than ever in where and how they work. EGI understands the challenges this presents to IT, and how to turn those obstacles into opportunities to drive organizational productivity and efficiency.

EGI is your single source for the full range of end user computing solutions and services, incorporating state-of-the-art technologies for robust, secure desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile computing. Our seasoned technician staff works on everything from delivery to stocking, asset tagging, device upgrades, and incorporating a broad portfolio of imaging services.

EGI performs complete end user compute assessments which narrow in and focus on the following: current hardware and software details, department specific requirements, analysis of current device choices in comparison to the newest IT offerings, and lifecycle cost projections. Following our initial assessment, EGI stages and delivers our recommended solution in a seamless fashion.

End User Computing, End-to-End:

  • Asset Tagging
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Stocking
  • Shipping
  • Logistics
  • Imaging Services
  • Waste Disposal and Data Wiping
  • OS Upgrades, Data Migration, Encryption Implementation

Delivery to Desk

EGI’s technicians are able to rollout desktops and devices according to end users’ preferences and your organization’s IT guidelines. We leverage our Configuration Centers, located in Westbury, NY and Glastonbury, CT, to provide premium staging space for initial deployment steps, including asset tagging, any device upgrades, OS imaging and updates.

After initial configuration takes place, EGI’s own logistics service schedules delivery and placement of those devices to your end users. Finally, our technicians test with the end user to validate everything went smoothly and to ensure issues are remediated. This alleviates the expense and logistical challenges that would occur if IT had to do the new rollout internally.

delivery to desk

Desktop to Mobile

Whether working with desktops, laptops, tablets, or the plethora of mobile devices now available to end users, EGI’s Microsoft experts and seasoned technicians touch every device to ensure quality and that customer expectations are met within the requirements of each unique project.

Imaging Services

From the prebuild of end user devices within customer specifications to mass image deployments, the EGI team has a proven process for handling complex image and application rollouts in an efficient and coordinated manner.


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