Virtual Test Centers

Validate solution performance in your environment with EGI’s Virtual Test Centers.

Utilizing our technical resources, we provide a custom, virtual environment that you can leverage to better understand how to implement and run a solution in your production environment.

EGI Virtual Test Centers (VTCs) are dispersed across the U.S. and act as an extension of our Customer Interaction Center (CIC) to optimize the performance of new cloud-enabled topologies for additional testing and Proof of Concept services. They provide the highest levels of security and customization to facilitate the testing of new solutions, technical learning, and solution implementation.

Through the VTCs, EGI can provide a custom, unique virtual environment that you can use to better understand how to implement and run a solution in your own unique production environment. We also provide expert technical resources as needed, using a vendor-agnostic approach to develop the right-fit solutions customized to your unique requirements.

Use Our VTCs For:

  • Virtualization Testing
  • VMware Product and Patch Management Testing
  • vSphere and HyperV Upgrade and Migration Testing
  • SDN Testing (NSX)
  • IaaS Automation Tool Testing
  • vSAN Testing
  • Public Cloud Integration
  • Disaster Recovery Testing
  • Containers Testing (Docker)
  • Connecting to Cloud & Hosting Providers

VTC Locations and Technology

virtual test center locations and technology


Utilize an EGI Virtual Test Center near you.

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