Assessment Services

Insight to overcome technology challenges and capitalize on new digital opportunities.

EGI’s Assessment Services have helped hundreds of companies overcome a full range of computing challenges – from the desktop to the data center to mobile – while preparing their IT environments for the next wave of business transformation.

Align your IT environment with your business needs while increasing visibility into your business-critical risks with EGI’s Assessment Services. Your organization will better understand your IT strengths, weaknesses, and risks, allowing you to manage and react to business change with a high level of agility.

EGI’s bench of industry leading engineers ensure streamlined service delivery of our packaged assessments. All engineers conduct post-assessment recommendations that are summarized in a report which identifies and prioritizes the areas where your IT infrastructure can be strengthened.

Our Assessment Services Include:

  • Cloud Planning
  • Virtual Desktop Assessments
  • Virtual Desktop Benchmarking
  • Microsoft Exchange Assessments
  • IPv4 to IPv6 Assessments and Transition
  • Wireless Network Assessments
  • Network Security Assessments

Cloud Planning

Cut through the complexity and develop a straightforward cloud migration strategy that prioritizes your specific needs and long-term goals. Benefit from our partnerships with industry-leading cloud vendors and our expert-backed recommendations that work in alignment with your IT requirements and budget.

Virtual Desktop Assessments

EGI’s comprehensive assessment will help determine if virtual desktops are a sound fit for your organization, taking into consideration your current desktop administrative processes, application mix, performance characteristics, antivirus and application update practices, end user mobility needs, and storage requirements.

If virtual desktop is a viable solution, we then select the technology that best addresses your unique requirements and will architect the entire solution for you in the form of a quotation.

cloud and virtual desktop assessments
benchmarking assessments

Virtual Desktop Benchmarking

Through benchmarking, EGI tests the assumptions made in the desktop planning process in a live environment. This service is provided at your site and includes loaner hardware and software exclusively for virtual desktop benchmarking. The results of the benchmark tests are used to define your final virtual desktop solution.

Microsoft Exchange Assessments

EGI helps you improve infrastructure preparedness and content migration to Office 365 for accelerated, efficient, high-quality, and predictable adoption. This service will vary, but could include preparation for Office 365 identity federation, messaging coexistence, data migration, and on-site/off-site consultations, including migration from Microsoft-Exchange, Lotus-Notes, and Novell-Groupwise.

IPv4 to IPv6 Assessment & Transition

Accelerate your IPv6 deployment using EGI’s IPv6 Assessment and Transition services. We help you navigate the complex and expansive array of IPv6 technologies and transition methods, mitigating any trouble or network disruption. Starting your IPv6 transition today ensures that your organization will have the time needed for a successful rollout.

Wireless Network Assessments

EGI assists organizations that are looking to deploy new networks, or enhance existing ones, to assess their environment and create an optimal plan for wireless network design and management, addressing any potential security concerns along the way. These assessments start well before the site survey is performed, by understanding the business need, existing environment, security threats, and growth plans.

With cutting edge best practices and assessment tools, EGI’s certified professionals ensure that you can extend your capabilities, grow your competitive edge, and secure new business.

Network Security Assessments

Your infrastructure and the methods of network attack change daily, creating undetected security gaps. EGI’s Network Security Assessment will identify areas of weakness and prioritize remediation for proactive and practical cybersecurity before trusted assets and critical business continuity are compromised.

network assessments

Let’s start your technology assessment today.

Using our proven methodology, EGI can customize an assessment to meet your distinct business challenges.

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