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One Expert IT Partner for Your Health System

EGI Health is a specialty practice of the Ergonomic Group dedicated to serving the unique needs of the healthcare industry.

Explore how our integrated solutions promote standards-based IT ecosystems in healthcare environments.

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    network infrastructure



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    cloud infrastructure



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    data center

    Data Center


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    device ecosystem

    Device Ecosystem


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    Medical Mobility



  • Network Infrastructure

    Network Infrastructure

    Implement A Network As Dynamic As Your Health System


    32% of patients who went to a doctor in the last 12 months reported a gap in information exchange.

    Today’s extensive health systems include myriad locations, offices, and professionals. Without a seamless network powering their operations, health systems can experience significant disconnects in patient care.

    EGI Health’s healthcare networking solutions help your health system create a continuous care environment that meets all financial and technical requirements for the modernization, consolidation, performance management, and security of your network. With EGI Health, your health system can optimize network coverage for consistent, high-quality care that meets the needs of both your doctors and your patients.

    Leveraging robust design toolsets and proven methodologies, EGI Health’s network solutions include:

    • Network Assessment
    • Network Design
    • Network Deployment
    • Network Testing and Security
    • And more

  • Cloud


    The Optimal Mix of Cloud Solutions for Healthcare Agility & Scalability


    The global market for healthcare cloud computing will reach $35 billion by 2022.

    With a wide variety of sensitive data, apps, and services to manage, health systems are rarely suited to just one type of cloud solution. Instead, they require a strategic blend of cloud services that meets their evolving infrastructure needs.

    EGI Health can help your health system deploy the ‘right mix’ of on- and off-premises cloud solutions—from public to private to hybrid—that will optimize performance, security, compliance, and cost-savings. Once deployed, this strategic cloud mix will enable you to introduce new apps, services, and treatments—all at an increased speed and on a larger scale.

    Elevate your cloud infrastructure and lower TCO with EGI Health cloud services:

    • Cloud Consulting
    • Cloud Readiness Assessment
    • Cloud Proof of Concept
    • And more

  • Data Center

    Data Center

    Simplified Data Storage, Advanced Data Center Performance


    More than 30% of the world’s data storage resides in the healthcare industry.

    As healthcare IT advances, and health systems must keep up—but with the burden of efficiently managing vast amounts of sensitive Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and other data, IT agility can be hard to attain.

    EGI Health is perfectly positioned to lighten this IT burden for your health system. Our Capacity On-Demand Management Services, along with our exclusive Charge-Back Program offered jointly with Dell EMC, deliver data center capacity in flexible increments for significant cost-savings, full cost recovery, and real-time storage tracking.

    With EGI Health’s data center solutions, health systems can:

    • Install and scale data center storage capacity in smaller “node” orders.
    • Recover all costs via total cost of provisioning capture.
    • Reduce data center maintenance needs and expenses.
    • Maintain accurate accounting of storage consumption for every GB used.
    • Eliminate all upfront data center costs for affordable scalability.

    Download the Solution Brief

  • Security


    Protect Your Entire Healthcare IT Infrastructure


    In 2017, there was an average of at least one healthcare data breach per day.

    Every day, health systems are responsible for handling, storing, managing, and analyzing highly-sensitive patient Electronic Health Records (EHR) as well as other critical data. With the trust and confidence of their patients at stake, health systems cannot afford any sort of data compromise.

    EGI Health believes that healthcare data security is a before, during, and after concern that should be addressed at every stage of IT planning, implementation, and operation. With proactive tools and proven strategies for detection, prevention, and rapid incident response, your health system can stay one step ahead of evolving cyber threats.

    EGI Health secures every layer of your health system’s network with:

    • Next Generation Firewalls
    • Intrusion Protection & Prevention
    • Malware Prevention, Protection & Remediation
    • Anti-Virus, Spam & Malware Solutions
    • And more

  • Device Ecosystem

    Device Ecosystem

    Streamlined Workflows throughout the Entire Technology Lifecycle


    The U.S. medical device industry is expected to reach $173 billion by 2019.

    Your health system contains a full ecosystem of medical devices and technology, all of which must be managed throughout their entire lifecycle to ensure elevated patient care.

    EGI’s patented Incompass™ web application—which enables real-time automated asset procurement, management, deployment, maintenance and more—streamlines clinical workflows within your health system so that you can create and maintain a robust device ecosystem. With seven customizable modules, your health system can tailor business, IT, and financial workflows to your specific priorities and needs.

    From acquisition through disposal, EGI Incompass enables your health system to:

    • Customize management workflows.
    • Automate the quoting, approval, and procurement process.
    • Streamline maintenance management and management of software licenses.
    • Manage the deployment of medical technologies with ease.
    • Access custom analytics to inform sound financial decisions.

    Download the Solution Brief

  • Medical Mobility

    Medical Mobility

    Everywhere Computing for Anywhere Care


    Nurses spend 25–50% of their shifts completing patient documentation.

    From aides to nurses to physicians, all caregivers must be empowered to provide best-in-class patient care while also promoting their own productivity and well-being, no matter where they go within the health system.

    That’s why EGI health offers a full range of dynamic solutions that take high-quality care anywhere. This includes mobile medical computing technology, fully-mobile desktop workstations, and more—all of which is designed to transform patient wellness while increasing the productivity of your staff. EGI Health’s team of seasoned technicians will plan, deploy, and train your team to take full advantage of these the powerful, reliable, and secure mobile solutions, all without disrupting day-to-day care.

    EGI Health’s solutions and services cover mobile medical technology rollouts from end-to-end, including:

    • Onsite and offsite project coordination
    • Product demonstrations and onsite evaluations
    • Onsite technician support
    • Shipping and receiving / component warehousing
    • And more

purpose built patient centric healthcare solutions

Explore Purpose-Built Solutions for Patient-Centered Care

EGI Health, an HP Healthcare Specialist, delivers best-in-class HP Healthcare Edition Displays that promote patient safety, data security, and clinician satisfaction.

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EGI Health Fast Facts

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Complete fluency

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See for yourself how EGI Health achieved cost-savings for one of the most prominent health systems in the northeast.

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One Healthcare IT Partner for System- Wide Solutions

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EGI Health understands that a dynamic technology infrastructure can lower costs, increase efficiency, and deliver high-quality care. See how our deep expertise and flexible solutions will get you there.

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incompass automated procurement deployment management

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Automate Procurement, Deployment, & Management

With customizable modules for the management of medical device and technology throughout its entire lifecycle, EGI’s patented Incompass web app rapidly streamlines complex health system workflows.

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