Incompass for Public Sector

An All-Encompassing Solution for Connecticut Communities

Discover how EGI Incompass™ streamlines state and local government and educational workflows.

egi incompass

A web application that manages critical business, financial, and IT workflows across governmental and educational departments in real-time, EGI Incompass can optimize Connecticut’s IT investments for better connected, better educated citizens.

A Comprehensive Solution for
End-to-End Success

EGI Incompass simplifies the complexities of Connecticut’s workflows to enable IT innovation. With 7 pre-built modules that can be customized to meet the unique needs of state and local government agencies as well as university systems and school districts, Incompass flexibly provides:

  • Optimized Workflows

    Manage multiple, complex organizational workflows with ease.

  • Automated Processes

    Streamline the process of quoting, order approval, and purchasing.

  • Real-Time Management

    Track each asset and ensure proper maintenance, from acquisition to disposal.

  • Cloud Control

    Enable virtual chargeback to optimize both standard and virtual product ordering.

  • Financial Insights

    Generate custom financial reports and gain accurate compliance insights.

  • Seamless Integration

    Connect with existing internal financial and asset management systems.

EGI Incompass Includes Customizable Modules for:

web-based procurement

Web-Based Procurement

Access a customized catalog of standard products and buying bundles, updated in real-time, to automate the process of quoting, order approval, and purchasing.

asset management

Asset Management

Seamlessly manage hardware and software assets from acquisition through disposal.

maintenance management

Maintenance Management

Oversee maintenance resources so your organization does not experience downtime from broken equipment or waste money on inefficient maintenance procedures.

software license management

Software License Management

Track, report, and fulfill all software platforms’ virtual and physical licenses in a customized order fulfillment workflow.

deployment management

Deployment Management

Create a deployment workflow that is tailored to accommodate your critical business requirements as well as the demands of your IT environment.

software license management

Cloud Management

Support bulk purchasing at better than standard pricing, and track individual unit sales to recapture the initial bulk purchase investment, for overall cost savings and reduced TCO.

financial analytics

Financial Analytics

Access the custom reporting, analytic statistics, and historical data you need to make sound financial decisions.

easy integration

Easy Integration

Incompass supports virtually any customer system interface requirement, and can be fully integrated with existing internal Financial and Asset Management systems such as PeopleSoft.

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