Technology Solutions for K-12 School Systems

EGI delivers best-in-class, collaborative school technology solutions to create optimized learning ecosystems throughout Connecticut.

Active learners need active learning environments.

Today’s students are thoughtful, collaborative, and full of creative energy—and they deserve to be empowered with interactive classroom technology that meets their needs. From personal computers, to mobile workspaces, to modernized data centers, EGI offers a range of flexible K-12 school district solutions that support access to new information and participation in a modern learning environment.

Collaboration in the Classroom and Beyond

EGI delivers purpose-built technology solutions from leading manufacturers that bridge physical learning environments and collaborative digital ecosystems, preparing students to become successful citizens of the 21st century. These solutions help Connecticut schools:

  • Implement Instructional Technology

    Determine which digital solutions are appropriate for specific learning environments.

  • Streamline Shared Spaces

    Facilitate collaboration at modern, mobile workstations and technology labs.

  • Optimize Specialty Curriculum

    Strategically match academic plans with the technology best suited to deliver them.

  • Affordably Engage Every Learner

    Rely on faster, more intelligent government solutions.

  • Promote Safety & Security

    Keep school networks protected and student data safe.

  • Streamline the Management of IT Lifecycles

    EGI Incompass™ streamlines IT workflows across school administrators.

EGI’s Solutions for Connecticut K-12 School Districts

data center networking

Data Center & Networking Solutions

From assessment, to design, to deployment and management, EGI offers superior networking services as well as strategic data center modernization, supported by advanced financing abilities, E-Rate knowledge, pre-sales design, and more.

it infrastructure

IT Infrastructure Services

Our IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solutions include assessment of your current infrastructure as well as modernized infrastructure design, implementation, and testing.

desktop laptop

Desktops, Laptops & Monitors

As an authorized reseller of top computing brands, we provide all-in-one computing designs—from small form factor Chromebooks, to workstation PCs and carts, to tower models for heavy-use environments—all running on a variety of operating systems.

phone systems

Phone Solutions

Our reliable phone systems can be configured for desktop or mobile; wired or VoIP telephony; or on-premises vs. cloud.

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K-12 School Solutions in Action

  • The Problem

    A school district in Fairfield County was in the process of constructing both a new elementary school and a high school, necessitating an updated IT infrastructure and fleet of end-user devices.

  • The Solution

    EGI worked with the school building construction management teams and the district itself to implement a new networking architecture, security, telepresence, and VoIP. A robust fleet of newly imaged desktops and laptops were also deployed.

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Fairfield County Public School
  • The Problem

    A middle school in Hartford needed to expand its network infrastructure to meet the growing needs of the city's students and teachers.

  • The Solution

    By assembling, installing, and configuring Avaya switches in a stacking architecture, Ergonomic Group rapidly enabled the expansion the school sought.

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Hartford Middle School
  • The Problem

    Faced with rising operational complexities and costs, a Hartford school needed a solution that would improve end user support and enhance their computing experiences.

  • The Solution

    Ergonomic Group delivered a complete, turnkey solution that included servers, storage, virtual desktops, network, and SAN integrations, all of which were seamlessly integrated in to the existing school infrastructure.

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Hartford School Ops Support
  • The Problem

    When it came time for a Hartford school to update its fleet of desktops and laptops, it required a way to efficiently decommission and replace its current devices.

  • The Solution

    Ergonomic Group's deployment services handled the imaging, configuration, delivery, replacement and decommissioning of all school desktops and laptops, and provided up-to-date asset management for the fleet.

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Hartford School Desktops
  • The Problem

    A public school system in New Haven County required a new network infrastructure expansion in order to meet the growing needs of its students and faculty across school locations.

  • The Solution

    Ergonomic Group assessed, designed, and implemented an expanded network infrastructure that met the school system's needs and allowed them to plan for a future of growth.

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New Haven County School
  • The Problem

    In Middlesex County, one middle school recognized the growing needs of its students and faculty, and set out to match them with a state-of-the-art network refresh.

  • The Solution

    With the help of Ergonomic Group, the middle school successfully underwent a full network refresh, including assessment, design, and implementation.

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Middlesex County Middle School
  • The Problem

    A New London County High School needed to expand and upgrade its wireless infrastructure, including wireless access points, cable drops, patch panels, and a wireless access point protective cage.

  • The Solution

    Ergonomic Group replaced the existing wireless access points with new models, then ran, patched, and tested new category 6 PVC cable drops as well as new patch panels for the school.

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New London County High School
  • The Problem

    A Litchfield County school system needed to implement a highly available virtualization platform to ensure no single point of failure.

  • The Solution

    Ergonomic Group provided the school system with a highly available VMware Vsphere infrastructure, handling the installation, integration, and configuration of this solution.

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Litchfield County School System
  • The Problem

    A Middlesex County school system needed to stand up a new, future-proof environment in one of its high schools as part of a new construction project, the goal of which was to support higher performance, availability, and scalability.

  • The Solution

    Ergonomic Group provided a complete solution to support all of the high school's server, storage, network, and security demands at scale.

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Middlesex County High School

egi connecticut configuration center

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At EGI’s Configuration Center in Glastonbury, Connecticut, we construct and distribute the educational technology solutions that K-12 schools need for fast, reliable delivery.

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